Graphic design

Graphic design

Need a creative visual identity design? Or just the design of logos, business cards, letterheads and you want a modern design of all that? You are in the right place, get in touch!

Creative visual identity design

Creative visual identity design

The visual identity includes the logo, business cards or office materials such as pens, envelopes, agendas, etc. We design all this according to your guidelines and in cooperation with you in order to give the company the right identity. Visual identity design involves creating two design proposals and refining the chosen proposal to perfection.

Visual identity design

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Visual identity design

Design for print

Logo design

The logo is the first thing that clients remember and what your company will be known for, so you should choose modern and contemporary solutions! A good logo attracts clients, and it often depends on the client’s interest in your services and products. A logo should immediately identify your company, convey a basic message and appeal to customers.

Apart from the fact that it is important and necessary for the logo to be visually interesting to clients, it is also important that you feel the same about it. If you request a logo design , our graphic designers will propose three conceptual solutions in cooperation with you, and we can further edit the selected logo proposal to perfection.

UI design

Creative user interface design for web and mobile applications

Types of graphic design

Graphic design is an intellectual, technical and creative activity that deals with the organization and methods of presentation of visual solutions.

There is more to graphic design than creating something visually appealing. In short, due to the many variations of graphic design, a designer must possess the appropriate skills, knowledge and software to be able to create a visually striking and creative design.

Learn more about the types of graphic design below and see some of our portfolio examples we’ve created for our clients.

Types of graphic design:

  • Advertising design
  • Publication design
  • Animations (motion design)
  • Corporate design
  • UI design
  • Web design

Advertising design

Marketing experts would have nothing to do if there were no graphic designers! We creatives are responsible for those little things like brochure design or visually appealing advertising campaigns. Graphic design in the industry used to focus mostly on print, while now a large part of design includes digital media. Understanding design for print and digital design is essential to meet the needs and wants of each client.

Advertising design includes:

  • Brochure design
  • Graphics for social networks
  • Email marketing templates
  • HTML5 banners
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics, etc.

Publication design

Publication design traditionally refers to printed media – such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc. However, like many other subsets of graphic design, technological advances have led to new possibilities in publication design.

Digital publication design uses traditional elements of art such as color, typography and space, and is applied in the design of e-books, e-mail newsletters, magazines, etc.

Motion Design

This fairly new style of graphic design has become a versatile style choice for many designers. Motion design creates the illusion of movement by using parts of graphic elements, i.e. creates animations. We find examples on all digital platforms, and this is our example of GIF animation design for ELISA.

Corporate design

The visual identity of a company or brand acts as a face that communicates the tone, personality and essence of the company. Graphic elements such as color, shapes and images evoke certain feelings in the audience and dictate how the consumer perceives the brand.

Maintaining brand consistency is critical to corporate design, as consumers respond to distinctive visual media.

User interface design (UI design)

User interface design focuses on the aesthetics and style of the user interface. Every visual element that the user will potentially come into contact with must be thoughtfully designed to optimize the usability of the interface.

You can see an example of a user interface design in any mobile application or a larger website, and see our example of a mobile and web application user interface design here: ELISA mobile and web application design