Website maintenance

Website maintenance

Everyone should focus on their work, right? With us it is possible! You will be able to put your energy into the development of the company, and we will put our energy into the development and maintenance of the WordPress site.

WordPress website maintenance

WordPress website maintenance

While you focus on your business, leave the maintenance of the website to us and forget about the worries about updating themes, plugins, and all other tasks related to site maintenance.

Services included in site maintenance

SEO includes text and multimedia content optimization, and code optimization. This ensures the best performance and quality SEO.

Processing photos or illustrations, whatever your site needs from graphic design, it will be drawn!

Entering new content

We try to put all the new content you provide us on the web within 24 hours, so that your site can follow the progress of your business.

WordPress updates

Every time WordPress releases an update, we will seamlessly upgrade your website to the latest version of WordPress.

Theme and plugin updates

We will update the free and paid WordPress plugins and themes on your website to the latest version.

Backup files

We make backup copies of all your files, media, plugins and themes, in case this service is not available on your hosting.

Database backup

We will make regular backup copies of your database, if this service is not available on your hosting.

Database optimization

In addition to backups, we regularly optimize your database by removing unused data, images and unwanted comments.

Malware scan

As part of maintaining your WordPress website, we perform a full malware scan, identifying security vulnerabilities.

Complete and reliable web maintenance service

Our website maintenance service includes the use of the most popular premium WP plugins that we also use when creating a website. Of course, depending on the state your site is in, some plugins we’ll use and some we won’t. For example, if your hosting automatically creates a daily backup of the website, then there is no reason or need to use a plugin that will do the same.

UI design

User interface design for web and mobile applications

WordPress site maintenance

Quite a lot of website owners we have come across so far neglect to maintain their website. Once a website is done, people sit back and hope for magical success, but unfortunately it never comes naturally, and maintaining a WordPress site is so easy!

You can’t just have a website and forget about it. The site should be maintained in every sense. It should always function well, load quickly and be regularly refreshed with new content.

What does website maintenance mean?

Website maintenance does not only include updating the CMS system . Maintaining a website includes many other things, such as writing new posts and/or SEO optimization of new content, or regularly checking page speed…

Maintaining a WordPress website does not mean only taking care of its current appearance, but constantly upgrading, changing and improving it. All this becomes easy by monitoring the statistics in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

A maintained website can be successful

If people didn’t learn from their mistakes and correct them, they would tap the same place forever and wait for things to get better. It is the same with the website. Only a website whose errors have been corrected, which works properly and is regularly updated with new content can progress.

Can you maintain a WordPress website yourself?

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to maintain a WordPress website yourself or hire a web designer for it. Of course, it’s always better to have someone professional do it, but if you want to try it yourself, why not! Anything you can do for your website will benefit your business.

How to self-maintain a WordPress website?

We advise you to warm up your chair and read the basics below on how to update or maintain a WordPress website . On our blog, find more related posts that can help with page maintenance and website SEO optimization .

Regular website maintenance means:

  1. A secure website. Unupdated websites are easy to hack and hacked websites lose visitors.
  2. Preventing content loss. Regularly saving a copy of the website ensures normal operation in the event of a problem.
  3. Good user experience. We retain readers with updated content on the website and accurate information. For example, links to related content sometimes need to be updated as well as other parts of the website to ensure uninterrupted use.
  4. Bringing back old readers. By publishing new and interesting content on the website, you will easily retain readers and gain new ones.
WordPress website maintenance

Update WordPress and plugins regularly

Safety comes first! To protect your website from various security threats , regularly update your website theme, WordPress and plugins .

Most websites are built in WordPress, the hacker’s favorite CMS.

If WordPress is not regularly updated, that is, an older version is installed, the site is at risk, and perhaps spam emails are already being sent from your domain without you even realizing it.

Pages that contain vulnerabilities are easy for hackers to exploit, especially since every page that is not updated has the same problem in the code. And if something is not done about this issue, such sites do not progress well in Google searches, and it is possible to avoid this with simple maintenance, i.e. updating the system.

Increase the quality of your posts

By reviewing the statistics of page visits, we can conclude the quality of our content and how interesting we are to readers. If users stay too short on one post to read it to the end, we need to change the content and adapt future posts.

Customizing existing content

Every post, regardless of good or bad statistics, should be periodically reviewed and updated if necessary. Sometimes a post needs to be stripped of unnecessary information and supplemented with more relevant information.

It often happens that when reviewing the written content, you realize that you have left out something very important. By adding new information, you increase the quality of the content , and thus the readership of the publication.

Backup – make a copy of the website

How to maintain WordPress

A backup or a copy of the website is very important in case the website “breaks”. Backup allows you to solve problems very quickly, and there are many WordPress plugins that will perform this task independently and according to the schedule you set for them.

If you have a website hosted on our web hosting , you don’t have to worry. Our server saves a copy of the website every day and 30 days back, so all content is literally always safe.

Maintaining a website will pay off in the end

So, it is easy to conclude how website maintenance affects website traffic , SEO results and the general user experience of visitors. A maintained website also sends users a specific message about your company. If the content on the website is up-to-date, the site itself functions properly and your effort is visible, it is likely that the users of your site will become customers, which is a common goal for all of us.

The website is actually like a child! When you get it, you should caress it and make sure that one day it grows into what you wanted – a website that will bring good results and ensure good business for your company .